As a founding member of Pacific Composers Forum Laurel’s classical music found an outlet.  Her chamber group compositions were featured on many PCF performances.  

Vinen's Dream was written after meeting a musician from South Africa. Based on the experiences of her friend Vinen, this music depicts the struggle and dream that Vinen had for his homeland.  Scored for string quartet and alto flute it won the Pacific Composers Forum initial competition.  It was also used in a celebration of the ending of apartheid at an event in South Africa. 

Full Score and parts are available for purchase at SheetMusicPlus. 

A happy tune composed for an outdoor concert, Sunday Sailing depicts the view of sailboats from a lighter than air balloon.

In 2012 Laurel was commissioned to compose a piece for a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr celebration titled ‘Glimmering Dream.’  

Scored for Winds and Brass, the full score and parts are available for purchase at SheetMusicPlus.