Laurel began her musical career with piano lessons at the age of 7 years.  Even while playing and performing in multiple genres she always felt there was ‘more inside to be creatively let loose’.  Today that ‘something’ emerges while she is composing original music. 

Laurel often feels that melodies and harmonies already exist in the heavenly spheres and her job is to transcribe them, and commit them to record, so that others can hear them.. 


Laurel has performed as pianist and/or vocalist with orchestras, concert choirs, jazz choirs, cover bands, and big bands as well as solo work. She has conducted numerous community and church choirs and has served as worship leader/music director at her home church for many years. As an instructor she has taught at all levels from elementary school to college. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Olympia Symphony.

As a composer Laurel has written music for film, TV, weddings, celebrations, chamber ensembles and full orchestra.  

Currently she coaches piano and voice students as well as composing for film, TV, and concert works. 

She lives in the Pacific Northwest.